Rethink current health care models financing and delivery. Take advantage of technological innovation to create real value for patients, citizens and the system.


Rethink current health care models financing and delivery. Take advantage of technological innovation to create real value for patients, citizens and the system.

The health sector is continuously struggling to find a balance between available resources and access to quality health for its citizens and clients. Recent clinical and technological innovation creates for the first-time a possibility for the industry to reinvent itself, breaking some of the standards by which it has been guided in recent decades.

The health sector is one with countless challenges, such as: an increasingly ageing and sicker population, a context of low economic growth and budget constraints, a large number of innovative therapies more expensive than previous ones and a knowledgeable citizen, with a greater focus on prevention and monitoring of its health.

Some of these factors put pressure on health care costs, while others can help change the paradigm of health care delivery. A more empowered and informed citizen, aided by technology, can be more involved and act on disease prevention and health (or disease) monitoring. This may be the driver needed to change the way providers provide health care and payers change their business model from episode-based payment to outcomes-based payment.

We develop solutions with our customers to meet market challenges for providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

New health care delivery models

Shift the focus from treatment to prevention. Create more personalized offerings based on greater knowledge of population health (data analysis, predictive models, population segmentation), that better meet their needs and produce better clinical and economic outcomes.

Customer Experience

Service and loyalty strategies development, through greater use of digital channels and solutions, improving the patient’s journey and timely access to health care.

Activity optimization

Solution development to improve cash flow and economic results by optimising the available capacity and improving patient journey. Greater operational efficiency implementation.

Management Information

Costing, pricing and management information models.

Digital Services

Design and development of new solutions, including “beyond the pill” digital services strategy, enabling the pharmaceutical industry to differentiate itself with additional solutions. We also develop projects to find start-ups in the market with technological solutions in health, which can be coupled with the traditional offer of medicines.

Market Access

Carrying out studies to analyse the causes of a lower uptake of new products and to define new market growth strategies.

Market and customer intelligence

We work in partnership with our customers to develop market intelligence and customer intelligence solutions that support decision making and capitalize on all existing information, regardless of its source.

Network strategy and management

Provider network strategy, balancing adequate coverage for policyholders and beneficiaries with the best-performing providers. Support process optimization, relationship models and network evaluation.

Pricing models

Pricing strategies and models, aiming at an evolution from episode-based payment to outcomes- based payment. A paradigm shift from a focus on treatment to prevention, accompanied by changes in funding models.