Customer Centric Solutions

We can have the best brand and the best business plan, but if the customer experience is poor, we are losing customers and business.

Customer Centric Solutions

We can have the best brand and the best business plan, but if the customer experience is poor, we are losing customers and business.

Having a “customer centric” strategy is crucial for the success of companies in a world where consumer needs continue to evolve and where technology creates new forms of service and new business models.


It is essential to understand customer behaviour and attitudes, develop products that meet their expectations, create a culture in which everyone”thinks customer”, with lean processes, teams and tools in place to provide excellent experiences making clients loyal to the brand.

In order to respond to the challenges of companies, at New Angle we have created a set of Customer Solutions, with several phases that we can adjust to the stage of maturity in which each company and each sector finds itself.

Know the customer

In order to better understand the customer, we develop market and consumer studies, in order to identify their needs and behaviours, the decision process, factors of choice, channels used and the main “moments of truth”. Because companies exist in a competitive context, we also conduct competitive studies, identifying market shares, positioning and brand image, differentiating factors, levels of satisfaction and recommendation.

Define a Customer Strategy

Define short and medium term business objectives: to attract customers, retain existing customers and define a strategic customer plan. This plan will identify the priority areas for improvement and investment, whether they are new tools, process improvement, team qualification, new products/services, retention or acquisition programmes. And because it’s not always easy to ensure that the plans become reality, we can support the teams in project management.

Redesign the Customer experience

Aligning products/services customer experience with their expectations is fundamental for Customer satisfaction and loyalty. To this end, we have developed methodologies for redesigning customer experience, which include customer’s journey mapping, identifying pain- points and moments of truth, define evaluation metrics, in order to implement new processes, systems and teams training. Because digitalization is unavoidable, we support products and services digitalization projects, creating new services or improving the existing digital experience, through apps, website, chatbots, digital marketing, defining business requirements, technology and project management implementation.

Customer culture 

Aligning the organization in a “customer-centric” culture is a long-term challenge. It must be part of the company’s strategy and a priority for the leadership team. With this objective, we assess the organization customer focus and propose an action plan to be implemented, such as the alignment of objectives, the decision based on customer indicators and satisfaction, the involvement of employees and voice of the customer programs.

Develop customers loyalty

Manage the relationship with customer by generating relevant interactions that add value to the customer. It is essential to analyse the customer’s life cycle, identify key moments and act in such a way as to generate satisfaction and loyalty. Develop retention and loyalty actions aligning offers, distribution channels and communication to customers. With data analysis tools, identify segments that can generate the most value, with up-sell programs or high-value customer management programs.

Measure and Improve

Systematically measure and monitor customer satisfaction and recommendation (NPS) by implementing methods for collecting customer satisfaction, is fundamental to identify improvement areas, that are compared with internal performance indicators (SLAs). The goal is to build a Customer Experience Dashboard that allows to identify gaps, prioritise areas for improvement and calculate the impact of improvements on business and customer indicators.