Operational Efficiency partner

Evocon provides a simple and visual tool to control your production, track downtime and improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)”

New Angle in partnership with Evocon ( provides a low cost and intuitive digital solution to help companies to improve their overall equipment efficiency in a simple way. This solution allows you to:

  • automatically collect data from equipment;
  • calculate OEE and its components in real time;
  • classify causes of performance loss with rigor and little effort;
  • real time monitoring of productive equipment performance;
  • generate key performance indicators reports to support continuous improvement process;
  • engage all associates in the continuous improvement efforts. 
Evocon System Overview (PDF)

Along with this solution New Angle can also provide optional training and operational efficiency improvement services.

 To better understand Evocon’s solution, we suggest the following readings:


New geographies and additional technological skills for the public sector

New Angle has partnered with Perita Analytics as a way of extending its operations to other markets and to gain additional skills in technological domains for public and government agencies.

With this partnership with Perita Analytics (, we have extended our offer in areas such as:

  • data-driven policy, strategy and roadmapping;
  • project management and monitoring;
  • feasibility studies and impact analysis;
  • analytical solutions;
  • operational model design;
  • digital transformation;
  • design of tools and platforms to enable business strategies.

The partnership between New Angle and Perita Analytics in addition to extending coverage to new geographies (Turkey, Qatar), allows for a greater critical mass for solving complex problems of governments and public bodies and the production of better “tangible solutions”, due to the combination of the deep knowledge of technology with the sector know-how and the experience in managing highly complex projects.

Fig. 1: Countries in which New Angle has a presence (Portugal, Angola, Turkey and Qatar)